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Requirements and Qualifications for Licensure as a Bail Bondsman or Runner

First Year Licensee Requirements

Obtain a Bail Bondsman or Runner License

Prelicensing Information

Obtain a Duplicate Bail Bond License

Access to Criminal and Civil Data

Pursuant to G.S. 58-71-200, licensed bail bondsmen and runners may apply for access to North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts’ (NCAOC) Automated Criminal/Infractions System (ACIS) and Civil (VCAP) Systems Access and should follow these instructions.

*******VERY IMPORTANT*******

Each professional bail bondsman, surety bail bondsman, or bail bond runner must apply for and use only their own user ID to perform the free criminal searches. There is no sharing of user IDs permitted under any circumstance. The NCAOC Access Agreement requires attestation from the bondsmen or runner that they will not share their user ID information and North Carolina G.S. 58-71-200(h) specifies that allowing any other person, directly or indirectly, to make use of access granted to the bondsmen of runner pursuant to subsection (a) of G.S. 58-71-200 is a Class H felony.