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Auto Insurance

Rate Calculation Service

The North Carolina Department of Insurance is pleased to be able to offer you the ability to calculate the automobile premium for your particular circumstances. For example, you can list the number of drivers in your household, the specific vehicle(s) that you own, the use of the vehicle(s), and the driving record of the driver(s).

This calculation or quote should serve as a guide when shopping for automobile insurance. Please note, in most cases, the premium quoted by your agent will be lower or higher, for the following reasons:

These rates are "base rates" which means they have been filed with this department by the North Carolina Rate Bureau on behalf of all licensed automobile insurance companies in North Carolina.

However, many insurance companies offer downward deviations or discounts, which reduce the premium amount from the base rates.

Please Note:

The Discount and Surcharges Tab does not alter the "base rates." However, an insurance company may include some or all of these in its calculation of Homeowners premium.

Likewise, depending on one's driving record or other underwriting factors, an insurance company may elect to reinsure the policy with the North Carolina Reinsurance Facility (Liability coverage only) and/or provide the Other than Collision (Comprehensive) and Collision coverage under the "Consent to Rate" program. In most cases, this will cause the premium to be higher than those calculated with base rates.

In addition to using the premium calculated as a guide, you may want to view the complaint ratios on this website.


The minimum liability limits required by the Financial Responsibility Laws have been used in the initial assumptions. You may change the limits to fit your needs.

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