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In 2006, North Carolina General Statutes 58-44-70 thru 58-44-120a (Section 1 of Senate Bill 277, or Session Law 2006-145) established a non-adversarial Mediation Program to facilitate the effective, fair, and timely resolution of disputed residential property insurance claims arising out of damages caused by disasters. In 2007, subsequent changes to the original legislation were made by Sections 1-5 of House Bill 730, or Session Law 2007-300. Both pieces of legislation are posted below.

The Program becomes available to first party claimants only after:

  1. A state of disaster has been proclaimed by the Governor or declared by the President, for all of North Carolina or for an area within the state, within 60 days following the disaster,


  2. The Commissioner of Insurance then issues an order establishing the mediation procedure.

Contact Information

Program Administrator:
American Arbitration Association
Attn: NC Insurance Mediation
1301 Atwood Avenue, Suite 211N
Johnston, RI 02919
Phone: 866-293-4053
Fax: 866-644-0234

North Carolina Department of Insurance:
Phone: 855-408-1212 (toll free)


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