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Code Officials Qualification Board

COQB - Meeting Dates

Board Meeting Schedule

January 27 April 28 July 28 October 27

*Please refer to the agenda for the exact time and location. Typically meetings are scheduled for 1:00 PM at 322 Chapanoke Road, Raleigh, NC.

Committee Meetings

11/24/2014 Raleigh, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING AGENDA VIA TELECONFERENCE @ 10:00 AM, OSFM, Suite 115, 322 Chapanoke Road, Raleigh, NC. Persons interested in attending should contact Director, Mike Hejduk via email or telephone (919) 662-4480 x 272 for toll free number dial-in information or to attend in person. NOTICE
07/22/2014 Raleigh, JOINT EDUCATION AND RESEARCH and QUALIFICATIONS AND EVALUATION COMMITTEES Meeting @ 10:00 AM, NC Code Officials Qualification Board (NCCOQB) Meeting Room, Classroom 100, 322 Chapanoke Road, Raleigh, NC. COMPLETE