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2012 Plumbing

0101.3 - Intent and Enforceability in the Plumbing Code.pdf .pdf
0101.6 - Public Utility Contractors Installing Building Sewer and Water Service.pdf .pdf
0305.5 - Drain Pipe and Sleeve Sizes.pdf .pdf
0305.5 - Foundation Pipe Sleeves.pdf .pdf
0305.6 - Buried Depth of Water Pipe.pdf .pdf
0305.6.1 - Freeze Protection Of Soil And Waste Traps.pdf .pdf
0305.8 - Nail Guards for Plastic Plumbing Pipe.pdf .pdf
0308.10 - Stack Base Supported With Earth.pdf .pdf
0312.5 - Testing at Working Pressure.pdf .pdf
0315 - Carbon Monoxide Alarms in One-and-Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses.pdf .pdf
0403.1 - Toilet Facilities For Vegetable And Fruit Stands.pdf .pdf
0403.1 Location of Facilities for Churches.pdf .pdf
0403.9.4 Press Box Toilets.pdf .pdf
0405.3.1 Lavatory Sidewall Clearance Residential.pdf .pdf
0406.3 - Clothes Washer Drain Size.pdf .pdf
0409.3 - Domestic Dishwasher Waste Connection.pdf .pdf
0417.4.1 - Use of Epoxy Paint as a Smooth, Hard, Nonabsorbent Surface Around Plumbing Fixtures.pdf .pdf
0419.3 - Use of Epoxy Paint as a Smooth, Hard, Nonabsorbent Surface Around Plumbing Fixtures.pdf .pdf
0421.5 - Whirlpool Bathtubs Pump Access.pdf .pdf
0502.5 - Water Heaters In Garages.pdf .pdf
0504.6 - Water Heater Discharge.pdf .pdf
0504.7 - Required Pans For Water Heaters.pdf .pdf
0504.7.1 - PVC Pipe for Water Heater Pan Discharge.pdf .pdf
0504.7.2 - Water Heater Relief Valve Discharge.pdf .pdf
0607.3 - Thermal Expansion Control.pdf .pdf
0702.4 - Using the Inside of a PVC Pipe for a Fitting.pdf .pdf
0708.4 - Crawl Space Heights for Cleanouts.pdf .pdf
0801.2 - Residential Bin Type Icemakers.pdf .pdf
0802.1.3 - Residential Bin Type Icemakers.pdf .pdf