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Code Enforcement Resources

Code Interpretations

2006 Energy Conservation

101.2 - Energy Code Requirements For Factory Occupancy.pdf .pdf
101.2.3 - Energy Requirements For Mixed Occupancy Requirements.pdf .pdf
102.5.2 - U-factors and SHGCs for Fenestration Products.pdf .pdf
103.1 - COMcheck for Commercial Energy Code Compliance.pdf .pdf
202 - Definition of Residential Basement Wall And Exterior Wall.pdf .pdf
202 - Energy Code Requirements for Apartments.pdf .pdf
202 - Insulation Requirements for Attic Knee Walls.pdf .pdf
502.2.4.11 - Low Rise Residential Heated Slab Requirements.pdf .pdf
502.2.4.6 - U-Value for Residential Opaque Exterior Doors.pdf .pdf
502.2.4.8 - Floor Over Outside Air Insulation Requirements.pdf .pdf
503.2 - Federal Efficiency Requirements SEER 13 Equipment.pdf .pdf
503.2 - Partial Replacement of a Split System Heat Pump or Air Conditioner.pdf .pdf
503.3.2.1 - HVAC Zoning for Single Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
503.3.2.3 - Heat Pump Auxiliary Controls for Single Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
505.2 - Lighting Power Budget Requirements for Residential Buildings.pdf .pdf
602.1.1 - Simplified R-Value for Walls in One and Two Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
701.1 - ASHRAE Standard for Energy Code Compliance.pdf .pdf
701.1 - Options for Commercial Building Energy Code Compliance.pdf .pdf
802.2.1 - Commercial Building Above-Grade Wall Insulation Requirements.pdf .pdf
802.2.1 - Prescriptive Insulation Tables for Commercial Building Above Grade Walls.pdf .pdf
802.2.4 - Commercial Bldg Roof Between Frame vs Continuous Insulation.pdf .pdf
803.2.2 - Federal Efficiency Requirements SEER 13 Equipment.pdf .pdf
803.2.2 - Partial Replacement of a Split System Heat Pump or Air Conditioner.pdf .pdf
803.2.8 - Unlisted Duct Tape for Sealing Commercial Duct.pdf .pdf
803.3.7 - Process Refrigerant Piping Insulation for Commercial Buildings.pdf .pdf
805.6 - Commercial Building Exterior Lighting.pdf .pdf
Residential Duct Insulation R-Values in 2007.pdf .pdf
Residential Window U-Values in 2007.pdf .pdf