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Engineering and Codes


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State Building Codes

Code Interpretations

2002 Accessibility

01.2 - Playground and Play Structure Accessibility.pdf .pdf
01.2.11 - Guardhouse Accessibility.pdf .pdf - Townhouse Accessibility.pdf .pdf
04.6.1 - Parking Travel Distance.pdf .pdf
05.4.1 - Ramp Without Handrails.pdf .pdf
06.3.1- Egress On Level Of Exit Discharge.pdf .pdf
06.3.2 - Area Of Rescue Assistance Alternative To Ramp.pdf .pdf - Area Of Rescue Assistance In Sprinkled Building.pdf .pdf
07.9.2 - Pool Gate Latch Mounting Height.pdf .pdf
08.3.3 - Stair Handrail Extensions.pdf .pdf
11.1.1 - Guardhouse Restroom.pdf .pdf
11.1.3 - Adaptability in Private Toilet Rooms.pdf .pdf
11.11 - Side Approach To Break Room Sink.pdf .pdf
11.4.2 - Water Closet In Type II Stall Locations.pdf .pdf
11.8 - Minimum Individual Toilet Room Size.pdf .pdf
12.1.2 - Adaptability in Private Toilet Room With Common Use.pdf .pdf
13.1.6 - Drinking Fountain.pdf .pdf
15.11.1 - Vertical Lift Locations.pdf .pdf
15.2.10 - Mezzanine Accessibility.pdf .pdf
15.2.4 - Elevator In Two Story Offices With Stair.pdf .pdf
17.1.2 - Visual Fire Alarm In Individual Offices.pdf .pdf
17.1.2 - Visual Fire Alarm In Individual Restrooms.pdf .pdf
18.1.1 - Braille Room Number Signs.pdf .pdf
18.1.1 - Braille Signs on Permanent Rooms.pdf .pdf
28.2.1 - Licensed Assisted Living Facilities.pdf .pdf
29.4.1 - Number of Accessible Beds in Dormitory Suites.pdf .pdf
29.5.1 - Hearing Impaired Rooms in Transient Lodging Facilities.pdf .pdf
30.1.2 - Unlicensed Assisted Living Facilities.pdf .pdf - Elevator To Elevated Residential Floor In Mixed Occupancy Building.pdf .pdf - Multi-Family Type A and B Dwellings With Separate Shower and Tub.pdf .pdf
32.1.1 - Child Size Restrooms In Day Care And Elementary School.pdf .pdf