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Engineering and Codes


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State Building Codes

Code Interpretations

2002 Mechanical

0301.4 - Partial Replacement of a Split System Heat Pump or Air Conditioner.pdf .pdf
0303.4 - Protection of Appliances from Damage in One and Two Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
0304.9 - Guard Requirements for Rooftop HVAC Equipment.pdf .pdf
0306.4 - Travel Distance to Mechanical Equipment in a Crawl Space.pdf .pdf
0306.5 - Access Requirements for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fans.pdf .pdf
0307.2.3(1) - Auxiliary drain pan size requirements.pdf .pdf
0403.2.2 - Make-up Air to Gang Toilet Rooms.pdf .pdf
0403.3 - ASHRAE 62 Intermittent or Variable Occupancy Provision.pdf .pdf
0403.3 - Ventilation Rate Requirements.pdf .pdf
0405.2 - Emergency Fan Shutdown Control Requirements.pdf .pdf
0501.5 - Bathroom Exhaust Duct Material for Single Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
0504 - Vinyl Clothes Dryer Vent Caps and Flappers.pdf .pdf
0504.6 - Domestic Clothes Dryer Exhaust Termination Height.pdf .pdf
0507.17 - Performance Test of Type I Hoods.pdf .pdf
0601.1 - Garage Heating and Cooling for a Dwelling.pdf .pdf
0601.2 - Make-up Air to Exit Access Corridors.pdf .pdf
0601.2 - Return Air In Exit Access Corridors.pdf .pdf
0601.3 - Exhaust Ducts In Plenum Spaces.pdf .pdf
0602.1 - Building Shaft for Exhaust Air.pdf .pdf
0602.1 - Plenums Versus Habitable Rooms.pdf .pdf
0602.2.1 - Materials Exposed in Plenums of Single Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
0603 - Flexible Duct in Garage of Single Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf
0603.12 - Flexible Air Duct and Air Connector Ground Clearance.pdf .pdf
0603.5 - Flexible Air Duct and Flexible Air Connector Clarification.pdf .pdf
0603.9 - Installation of Flexible Duct on Ceiling Joists.pdf .pdf
0603.9 - Requirements for Support of Flexible Air Duct.pdf .pdf
0606.2.2 - Smoke Detector Requirements for Common Supply and Return Air Systems.pdf .pdf
0607.4 - Fire Damper Access Requirements.pdf .pdf
0607.5.3 - Duct Material to Eliminate Fire Damper in Fire Partitions.pdf .pdf
0607.5.5.1 - Exit Enclosure Ventilation Systems.pdf .pdf
0917.2 - Commercial Range in Dwelling Unit.pdf .pdf
0918.10 - Minimum Returns for a One Story Dwelling Forced Heating or Cooling System.pdf .pdf
0918.10 - Return Air Intake for Multi-story Dwelling Unit.pdf .pdf
1301.2 - Fuel Oil Storage Requirements for One and Two Family Dwellings.pdf .pdf