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Home Inspector Licensure Board

HILB - Committees

Committee Members FY 2016-2017

Application Evaluation Committee:
Waverly Sawyer. Chair, Joe Ramsey, Arthur Hall, Staff, Terri Tart

  • Equivalent experience; reciprocity; criminal history

Examination Committee:
Butch Upton, Chair. Fred Herndon, John Gainey, Staff. Jennifer Hollyfield

  • Exam questions - review, challenge, letter response
  • Exam question bank development/expansion

Finance Committee:
Arthur Hall, Chair. Tony Jarrett. Staff, Jennifer Hollyfield

  • FY 2014 / 2015 Budget execution
  • FY 2015 / 2016 Budget development

Legislative Committee:
Tony Jarrett, Chair. Joe Ramsey., Fred Herndon. Staff, Terri Tart

  • General Assembly: Long & Short Sessions - Bills / Statute Changes
  • Rules Review Commission & Office of Administrative Hearings / Rule Changes
  • Ethics Commission

Education Committee:
Fred Herndon, Chair. John Gainey, Arthur Hall. Staff, Jennifer Hollyfield

  • 48 hrs Continuing Education requirements of G.S. 143-151.64
  • Update Course development and approval
  • Pre-licensing Program Sponsor review & approvals

Standards of Practice/Rules and Interpretations Committee:
John Gainey, Chair. Fred Herndon, Arthur Hall. Staff, Jennifer Hollyfield

  • NC General Statutes (changes in law)
  • NC Administrative Code (changes in agency rules)
  • Interpretations
  • Recommended Language
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Investigation Review Committee:
Fred Herndon, Chair. John Gainey. Staff, Phil Joyner

  • Review Investigation Reports with sufficient evidence to support complaint allegations of violations
  • Review appeals for Staff findings of insufficient evidence.
  • Recommend Consent Agreement terms and conditions
  • Recommend scheduling of Disciplinary Hearings
  • Action against unlicensed entities

Personnel Committee: (meets on an as-needed basis only)
Butch Upton, Chair, Waverly Sawyer.

Advisory Committee(s):

New Licensee Report Audit Committee:
Butch Upton, Chair, Staff, Mike Hejduk

  • Review Investigation Reports and Contracts for New Licensees