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Home Inspection Report Checklist

Licensees are encouraged to use the SOP Checklist document link provided on this webpage as a self-evaluation tool to ensure their Home Inspection Reports comply with the minimum Standards of Practice requirements. This edition of the Checklist updates the Summary Page reference by citing NCGS 143-151.58(a1) versus NCAC Rule .1103(d). Licensees should review the "Top 5" compliance problems list noted by the Board's Advisory Committee on New Licensee Report Audits.

Recommended Language

The recommended language in this section is for areas of concern that may pose safety hazards to the homeowner or home buyer or that do not function as intended. The Board recommends that the information be contained in the inspection report and summary if applicable to the house being inspected.

Summary Page

Per NCGS 143-151.58 effective October 1, 2009

(a1) Summary Page. - A written report provided under subsection (a) of this section for a prepurchase home inspection of three or more systems must include a summary page that contains the information required by this subsection. All other subject matters pertaining to the home inspection must appear in the body of the report. The summary page must contain the following statement:

"This summary page is not the entire report. The complete report may include additional information of interest or concern to you. It is strongly recommended that you promptly read the complete report. For information regarding the negotiability of any item in this report under the real estate purchase contract, contact your North Carolina real estate agent or an attorney."

The summary page must describe any system or component of the home that does not function as intended, allowing for normal wear and tear that does not prevent the system or component from functioning as intended. The summary page must also describe any system or component that appears not to function as intended, based upon documented tangible evidence, and that requires either subsequent examination or further investigation by a specialist. The summary page may describe any system or component that poses a safety concern.