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Fire and Rescue Commission


Effective May 5th, 2017, all Fire and Rescue students are required to sign in with an NCID to access Student Fire & Rescue Commission/Training Transcripts and Certifications, and to Register for Qualification Regional Registration. Please go to OSFM 24 for directions and links to log in to this system.


Certification and Training - Chief 101 Instructor Qualification

Chief 101 Instructor Qualification Requirements


  • Level II Instructor
  • Completed Chief 101
  • Fire Officer II Certified
  • Achieved the rank of Chief Level Officer in a department for a minimum of 5 years. To be validated by a letter from the department on letterhead.

Qualification Process:

  • It is the policy of the Fire and Rescue Commission to have a set number of instructors for each region (12 east, 12 piedmont, 12 west). The regions will align with the East, Piedmont, and West in terms of the Regional Fire Associations. OSFM and Association staff will not count in these numbers that are qualified.
  • For regions that are not staffed to the designated numbers of instructors (12 in each region), then qualifications will be conducted until the designated numbers are achieved. The qualification courses can be taken at the Qualification Schools that will be posted at Certification and Training - Testing Page.
  • The procedure for determining the region a qualified instructor is in will be the address that is on record with the NC Fire and Rescue Commission and verified on the NC Drivers License.
  • Candidate must take and pass with an 80%, a qualification exam and in accordance to all NC Fire and Rescue Commission policies. Candidates will allowed one retest and if the second attempt is failed must wait a year to attempt the process again.
  • In the case of a tie between candidates on the exam the following process will be used to decide who will receive the qualification.
  • Certification date as Instructor II
  • Certification date as FO II
  • Certification date as FF II
  • Qualify all remaining tied instructors

Requalification for Current Instructors:

  • All current instructors who are Chief 101 qualified must attend a requalification course to maintain their qualification.
  • Re-qualifications will take place every five years or as the course is updated. If an instructor does not attend a re-qualification they will forfeit their qualification.
  • All instructors are required to teach five courses during the five-year qualification period.


Where can I find the Administrative Code that says I have to take Chief 101?


  1. All members of fire departments shall comply with the drills and meetings requirements of G.S. 58-86-25.
  2. The chief officer of each fire department shall:
    1. within one year of appointment, complete a class on basic management of fire department operations and records approved by the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission for chief officer based upon National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for chief officer. NFPA Standard 1021 is incorporated into this Subchapter by reference, including but not limited to subsequent amendments or editions. NFPA Standard 1021 is available from the National Fire Protection Association at for thirty-seven dollars ($37.00); and
    2. complete the course as described in Subparagraph (1) of this Paragraph, which shall be titled "Chief 101" a minimum of every five years.
    History Note: Authority G.S. 58-2-40; 58-36-10; 58-78-5; 58-86-25;
    Eff. September 1, 1985;
    Amended Eff. October 1, 2010; October 1, 2006; July 1, 1992.

If I took Chief 101 previously have I got to take it again?

If you have Chief 101 on your NC Fire and Rescue Commission transcript currently, you will need to take the Chief 101-15 Update Course ONLY!  If you are a current Chief and have not taken Chief 101 then you will need to take a Chief 101 course that meets the NC Administrative Code.

How many hours are the Chief 101 and Chief 101-15 courses?

Chief 101 is 8-9 hours and Chief 101-15 is 3-4 hours

What happens if I do not take the Chief 101 course?

In order to comply with the spirit and intent of the Administrative Code the Chief has to take the course within one year of his/her appointment to the position.   If the Chief fails to meet this requirement, the department can be put on probation in accordance with NC Administrative Code which could jeopardize the Insurance Rating of the district the department serves.

If I only have to take the Chief 101-15 Update class how long do I have to take the course?

Generally speaking, you should take the course as soon as you can due to the number of changes that has taken place over the last two years to key fire service programs and legislation.  You should also consider taking the course prior to a scheduled 9S or 9E inspection.   Failure to take the course as stated previously can result in the suspension of your departments rating.

How do I get a Chief 101 or Chief 101-15 course scheduled?

Contact your local Community College who can select one of the qualified instructors in the state.  The Community College can then set up the course in accordance with their policy and procedures.  Please note that only instructors that are qualified by the NC Fire and Rescue Commission can teach the course.  If a qualified instructor cannot be contracted with Office of State Fire Marshal staff will conduct the course for the local area.

If I have any other questions who can I call or e mail?

For other questions about Chief 101 or Chief 101-15 you can contact Derrick Clouston at 919-609-1361 or