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Fire and Rescue Commission


Effective May 5th, 2017, all Fire and Rescue students are required to sign in with an NCID to access Student Fire & Rescue Commission/Training Transcripts and Certifications, and to Register for Qualification Regional Registration. Please go to OSFM 24 for directions and links to log in to this system.


Certification and Training - NC Fire and Rescue Instructor Certification

Traffic Incident Management (TIMS)

Course Description

NOTE: TIMS is not a certification. TIMS is required for all certifications. (with the exception of Chief 101.)

FIP 7000 Traffic Incident Management Recommended Hours - 4

This course is designed to establish the foundation for and promote consistent training of all responders to achieve the three objectives of the TIM National Unified Goal: responder safety; safe, quick clearance from incidents; and prompt, reliable, interoperable communications. This course will familiarize fire and rescue personnel with the purpose of the Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP 2) and National TIM (Traffic Incident Management) Responder Training Program and how it relates specifically to North Carolina. Participants will learn to recognize and identify the dangers encountered by emergency responders working in or near traffic.

Course management details:

Credit for TIMS must come from the Delivery Agencies via FIP 7000

The NC Fire and Rescue Commission TIMS program (FIP 7000) will be the only TIMS course that will be accepted. TIMS FIP 7000 must be taught by a Fire and Rescue Instructor Level 2 who is qualified to teach Technical Rescuer, Fire Fighter or Driver Operator certification programs. (NCDOT, NFA, etc. programs will not be accepted.)

No prior credit or will be accepted.

Course content will be available via the OSFM website.

TIMS "will not" be delivered via on-line or hybrid delivery.

Qualification Areas for Instructor I and II

Re-qualification Option for Instructor II –

Qualified Instructors must requalify in subject areas accredited by IFSAC and/or Pro Board every five (5) years or as the standard is revised. Qualified Instructors, who lose their qualification due to missing one of these mandatory re-qualifications, may become re-qualified by the following options:

  1. Qualifications delivered through Qualification School – the Instructor must register and successfully complete the qualification requirement which includes meeting any applicable pre-requisites and passing the job knowledge exam with a passing grade of 80%, and any additional requirements set forth by Qualification School testing.
  2. Qualifications delivered by Field Testing – the Instructor must register with the Field Service Supervisor and successfully complete the classroom portion and defined qualification requirements. The Field Service Supervisor will define these requirements as they are course specific. Any defined qualification requirements will include, but are not limited to, meeting any applicable pre- requisites and passing the job knowledge exam with a passing grade of 80%. This option can only be utilized within the first two (2) years following a subject’s revision date.
  3. If #2 is not applicable, then the Instructor must successfully complete the entire qualification process to reacquire any lost qualification.
Course Name FIP # R
Instructor Level I 3806 26
Instructor Level II 3807 38
Instructor Level I & II Combo 3808* 64