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Fire and Rescue Commission


Certification and Training - Testing


Registration closes 45 days prior to each Qualification School. Staff will notify you 30 days out as to the day and time you need to be at the Q-School to qualify for the subject you selected.

You may sign up for Certified Fire Investigator Exams, Reciprocity and retest for failures at the Qualification School.

Certification and Qualification Exams offered at Regional Testing

Candidates must register for above Certification and Qualification exams by selecting the following link below.

All required courses and requirements must be met and visible on your OSFM online certification transcripts prior to trying to register online or your registration will be denied.

Qualification School Student Equipment Requirements

Firefighter I & II
NFPA Approved Full Structural Firefighting Gear
NFPA Approved SCBA with Spare Cylinder (current hydrostatic date)
SCBA Face Piece

Technical Rescuer (Vehicle)
Helmet (ANSI/NFPA Approved)
ANSI Certified Protective Eyewear
NFPA Approved Class III Harness
Protective coveralls or NFPA Approved Full Structural Firefighting Gear
Steel Toe Boots
Work Gloves

Driver Operator
NFPA Approved Full Structural Firefighting Gear

Hazardous Materials Operations
NFPA Approved Full Structural Firefighting Gear
NFPA Approved SCBA and Spare Cylinder (current hydrostatic date)

Firefighter Skills – Q School

Technical Rescuer – Vehicle Rescue – Q School

  1. Rescue Operations 1 of 4 – Establish Hazard Zones
  2. Rescue Operations 2 of 4 – Fire Control
  3. Rescue Operations 3 of 4 – Positioning Apparatus
  4. Rescue Operations 4 of 4 – Scene Size Up
  5. Stabilization/Extrication 1 of 3 – Upright Vehicle
  6. Stabilization/Extrication 2 of 3 – Vehicle On Side
  7. Stabilization/Extrication 3 of 3 – Rescue Tools
  8. Victim Management 1 of 5 – Access Door Hinge
  9. Victim Management 2 of 5 – Access Floor Boards
  10. Victim Management 3 of 5 –Roof Removal
  11. Victim Management 4 of 5 – Access Through Trunk
  12. Victim Management 5 of 5 – Removing Door Latch

Hazardous Materials – Level One Responder - Q School

  1. Level One Responder 1 of 11 – Initiating the ICS
  2. Level One Responder 2 of 11 – Scene Control & Evidence Preservation
  3. Level One Responder 3 of 11 – Product Control: Damming, Diking
  4. Level One Responder 4 of 11 – Product Control: Vapor Dispersion
  5. Level One Responder 5 of 11 – Product Control: Vapor Suppression
  6. Level One Responder 6 of 11 – Product Control: Absorption and Adsorption
  7. Level One Responder 7 of 11 – Product Control: Remote Valve Shut Off
  8. Level One Responder 8 of 11 – Product Control: Dilution
  9. Level One Responder 9 of 11 – Selection, Use, Maintenance and Inspection of PPE
  10. Level One Responder 10 of 11 – Emergency Decon Procedures
  11. Level One Responder 11 of 11 – Technical Decon Procedures

Hazardous Materials – Air Monitoring - Q School

  1. Air Monitoring 1 of 1 – Air Monitioring and Sampling Synopsis

Hazardous Materials – Decontamination – Q School

  1. Decontamination 1 of 2 – Mass Decontamination
  2. Decontamination 2 of 2 – Technical Decontamination

Hazardous Materials – PPE – Q School

  • PPE 1 of 1 – Using Protective Clothing and Respiratory Protection
  • Qualification School Registration

    Instructors who desire to teach the following certification programs will be required to take the Qualifications at specific Regional Testing sites:

    • Firefighter
    • Driver Operator – EVD, Pumps and Aerial
    • Haz Mat Level 1 Responder Technical Rescuer General, VMR
    • Fire and Life Safety Educator Level 1, 2 and 3
    • Fire Officer
    • Fire and Rescue Service Instructor
    • Technical Rescuer Vehicle

    All other qualifications for the TR Specialties are field tested and must be arranged through the training division.

    The Qualification School will be set up for 3 to 4 days. Please register through Online Registration for Testing for the qualification subject you want to take. You must use the schedule listed below to pick the Qualification Site available. These will be the only options for taking Qualifications. These site wills require the student to take written exam and perform skills that will be evaluated by OSFM staff. The link is listed below. Make sure you select the Qualification location. This change will become effective January 1, 2015.

    Staff will notify you 30 days out as to the day and time you need to be at the Qualification to qualify for the subject(s) you selected.

    Before you register please view the transcript page and update your personal information including your email address. Emails will be sent to you with confirmation of the day and time you have been approved.