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Fire-Rescue Grants and Relief Funds

Effective April 17, 2018, invoice(s) and proof of payment must be uploaded via the internal application for review in lieu of mailing them to the Mail Service Center.
Please direct all emails for the grants department to:

2020 Fire Grant Application period

The application opens on Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 8 a.m. The deadline will be Monday, March 2, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Firefighters Relief Fund - FAQs

Q. The fire department serves two fire districts, a municipal area and a rural area, does the fire department have to join the NC State Firefighters’ Association twice and submit all required forms in duplicate?

A.1) If the fire department is solely operated by either the Town or a Board of Director's and serves two fire districts, they are only required to meet the General Statute requirements once by joining the NC State Firefighters’ Association once and submitting required forms once.

A.2) If the fire department is operated by two separate entities sharing one location, yes. Both departments must join the NC State Firefighters’ Association and each must submit required forms. For Example: Some small municipalities have a fire department owned by the town, which serves the municipal fire district and a rural fire department chartered through the Secretary of State's Office with a Board of Director's to serve the rural fire district. The equipment is housed in one building and the same personnel respond to both fire districts. The General Statute clearly states any organized certified/rated fire department shall be a member of the NC State Firefighters’ Association and meet all General Statute requirements.

Q. If a fire department member becomes seriously ill, and is not fire related, can the local fund financially assist?

A. Yes, the General Statutes will allow the local fund to purchase "other" insurance protection, which may be considered as an alternate for situations such as this. To release funds for this purpose, it must be approved by the local board and the State Firefighters’ Association.

Q. Does our local Firefighter's Relief Fund Board have entire control of the local funds?

A. No. Expenditures of local funds must be approved by the NC State Firefighters’ Association and follow the North Carolina General Statutes (58-84-35). This is to ensure the local funds remain actuarially sound for their original intent.

Q. Can Firefighter's Relief Fund monies be used to supplement fire department budget or purchase equipment?

A. No. These funds must be kept in a separate account to be used only for its intended purposes.

Q. Who is responsible to return the Board of Trustees Report to the NC Firefighters’ Association?

A. General Statute requires the Clerk/Finance Officer of any City, County, or Sanitary District to file the Board of Trustees on or before October 31 of each year. This responsibility can be delegated.

Q. The fire department has been made aware they are disqualified to receive their relief fund monies due to the Board of Trustees not being filed as required by the City, County, Sanitary District, can the fire department recoup the Firefighter's Relief Fund tax collected within the fire district?

A. Yes. The Firefighter's Relief Fund Board of Trustees can request the City, County or Sanitary District Commissioner's to reimburse the fire department from City, County, Sanitary District funds.