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Fire-Rescue Grants and Relief Funds

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Volunteer Rescue, EMS Fund - Facts

G.S. 58-87-5


G.S. 20-183.7 (c) (1) 7 (2) Eighteen cents (.18) of vehicle inspections stickers.


To assist rescue organizations to purchase equipment and make capital expenditures. Rescue Organizations shall match the grant on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to $25,000. Organizations having cash assets over $1,000 may apply for the matching fund, up to $25,000. Organizations having cash assets less than $1,000 may apply for a non-matching grant, up to $3,000.

Eligibility Criteria:

N.C.G.S. 58-87-5 (b) (3) It has been recognized by the Department as an organization that provides rescue, emergency medical services, or rescue and emergency medical services. A unit that provides emergency medical services only is eligible for grant funding only after all those eligible rescue or rescue and emergency medical services units that are approved have been funded each grant year. A unit that only provides emergency medical services may be funded up to the level of emergency medical services that the unit is approved to provide by the authority having jurisdiction.

  • Rescue provider is all volunteer, with the exception of ten paid positions.
  • Rescue provider is recognized by the Department of Insurance as a rescue or a rescue EMS provider.
  • Rescue provider must meet the eligibility criteria of the NC Association of Rescue & EMS (NCAREMS) and/or NC Office of Emergency Medical Services (NC OEMS).
  • County recognizes organization as providing rescue or rescue/EMS or EMS
  • Rescue provider must be certified by the Office of Emergency Medical Service to request ALS equipment.

General Statute Definition of a Rescue Provider: "rescue" means the removal of individuals facing external, nonmedical, and nonpatient related peril to areas of relative safety. A "rescue unit" or "rescue squad" means a group of individuals who are not necessarily trained in emergency medical services, fire fighting, or law enforcement, but who expose themselves to an external, nonmedical, and nonpatient related peril to effect the removal of individuals facing the same type of peril to areas of relative safety.


Review of Applications:

Applications are reviewed and scored using a non subjective point system. Areas evaluated are; all volunteer/paid positions, number and age of organizations vehicles, financial status and type of equipment being requested. At the time all applications have been entered into the database and scored, the available monies is entered. The computer selects the applications with the lowest total score until the available monies is exhausted.