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Contact Information:

Fire Safety Programs Administrator
NC Office of State Fire Marshal
1202 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1202
919-661-5880 x350
919-662-4670 (fax)

Notification Letters:

Multiple brand styles can now be certified on one form. The form below has been updated to reflect this change. For your convenience, your brand style information can now be inputted into this NC FSC Brand Styles spreadsheet and sent to OSFM electronically via email or on a CD. Please use a separate spreadsheet for each test project. If your lab uses a separate test project code for each brand style then make up a single code to refer to the all the tests being submitted.

This MS Word version of the Manufacturer’s Compliance Certification [Form FSC-1/2010] can be filled out in Word and then printed to allow for notarization. The completed forms can also be saved and edited for each brand style being certified. Users who cannot access MS Word 2003 or later files can print out the instructions and form in pdf format and fill out by hand.

Forms have been updated to allow for the specification of alternate names on brand style packaging. See FSC-FAQs for more information.