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Operators and Assistants

Session Law 2009-507, Senate Bill 563, created N.C. General Statute 58-82A-1 to promote the safe handling, use and exhibition of pyrotechnics and to prevent disasters and/or tragedies from occurring in North Carolina. This law requires anyone discharging/operating pyrotechnics or proximate explosives to attend a training course and earn a pyrotechnics operator license before conducting a pyrotechnics display in North Carolina, effective February 1, 2010.

Licensing is administered by the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal. For more information please contact Renita Denton at 919-647-0005

ATTENTION: LICENSE RENEWALS - NCID account setup and online records

Licensees may now renew and pay online after creating an NCID User ID and password. A valid email address is required. Please view the short instructional video below to see a demonstration of how to register for an NCID account and what to expect when accessing the online Pyrotechnic system.