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The State of North Carolina has enacted the NC Fire Safety Standard and Fire Fighter Protection Act (GS 58, Article 92) requiring that all cigarettes sold or offered for sale in NC meet the criteria for reduced ignition propensity cigarettes. This law is expected to significantly reduce the number of people killed or injured by fires caused by cigarettes left burning in North Carolina.

Cigarette distributers and retailers are required to begin selling only cigarettes that have been certified to be in compliance with Article 92. Manufacturers are required to provide distributors a letter certifying compliance. You may also search here on our site for the cigarette brand styles that are currently certified. The default marking for compliant cigarettes is ‘FSC’ in 8 point type or larger near the UPC code on the pack and the carton. Manufacturers may apply for approval to use an alternate marking. They must provide a copy of this approval to distributors.

In Summary, manufacturers and distributors can face fines of up to $100,000 and retailers, fines of up to $25,000 for cigarette sales in violation of the law. To enforce the provisions of this Article, the Attorney General, the Department of Revenue, and the Commissioner, their duly authorized representatives, and other law enforcement personnel may examine the books, papers, invoices, and other records of any person in possession, control, or occupancy of any premises where cigarettes are placed, stored, sold, or offered for sale, as well as the stock of cigarettes on the premises. In addition to monetary penalties, any cigarettes that have been sold or offered for sale that do not comply with Article 92 shall be subject to forfeiture as contraband and subsequently destroyed.