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Home Fire Sprinklers - Overview

Home Fire Sprinklers: Like Having a Firefighter on Duty 24 Hours a Day

Home Fire sprinklers can help make the home fire-safe and reduce property loss dramatically. A home fire sprinkler system is like having a firefighter on duty 24 hours a day. Each sprinkler is individually activated by heat. Only the sprinkler closest to the fire activates, keeping the fire small or extinguishing it completely. Residents have more time to escape while fire sprinklers limit the growth and spread of fire, heat and toxic smoke.

Protect your Family and Home with Smoke alarms and Fire Sprinklers

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Each year more than 3,000 people die from fire. Tens of thousands are seriously hurt, coping with burn and smoke inhalation injuries for the rest of their lives. Eighty percent of fire deaths occur in the home, most in single-family structures. At highest risks from fire are older adults and very young children but fire does not discriminate. Smoke alarms are essential, yet they can only detect a fire. Smoke alarms do not detect carbon monoxide or extinguish fires. Home Fire Sprinklers compliment the protection of smoke alarms. Smoke alarms have significantly improved home fire safety but fire safety experts are actively promoting the combination of home fire sprinkler systems and smoke alarms as the basic fire protection package for all new homes.

Learn the facts about fire and Home Fire Sprinklers

Automatic Home Fire Sprinkler systems detect and then extinguish a fire. Home Fire Sprinklers activate only at a high temperature, sensing the fire before it can reach a flashover stage. This is important because people cannot survive in a flashover including fully protected firefighters. Flashover is when the room heats to a temperature that causes the room to explode in a fireball that spreads heat and toxic smoke throughout the building. Home Fire Sprinklers activate early on and extinguish a fire before a flashover can occur and with less water than a single fire hose. The fact is Home Fire Sprinklers are a simple, cost-effective way to protect your family, your home and your possessions. Support the installation of Home Fire Sprinkler systems in new construction so we can prevent future loss of life of our residents and our firefighters. view Flashover chart.

How Home Fire Sprinklers Work

Sprinklers contain a glass bulb or link which shatters when temperatures reach 135-165 degrees.

Sprinklers are designed to allow water to cover all areas of the room and the sprinkler head will flow approximately 18 gallons of water per minute.
View a demonstration of how Fire Sprinklers Reduce Water Damage.

Sprinklers are available in many styles and colors to match room décor.

Fire Sprinkler Examples

Some styles have a cover plate to hide the sprinkler head.

Kitchen with Fire Sprinkler System
Home Fire Sprinkler Link