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About the Manufactured Building Division

  • Serves as the State Administrative Agency for the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) for the State of North Carolina. Assures that manufactured homes are constructed in accordance with federal standards and installed in accordance with North Carolina regulations.
  • Receives and resolves complaints from buyers of manufactured homes and from persons in the manufactured housing industry. This could involve an inspection of the premises by the Division's State Inspectors. Assures that warranty obligations under state law are met.
  • Licenses the following to ensure compliance with warranty requirements:
    • Home manufacturers
    • Dealers and sales representatives
    • Set-up contractors
  • Requires bonds or other security be posted by all licensees, except salesmen.
  • Provides staff for the NC Manufactured Housing Board. Board consists of 11 members appointed by elected officials to serve. The staff assists the Manufactured Housing Board in resolving complaints, and/or licensing problems which the Division receives.
  • Monitors consumer complaints to assure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Administers NC Modular Construction Program.