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Modular Housing Memos and Code Interpretation

021519 Tiny Homes In NC Memo.pdf .pdf
2012 Building Code Summary - Appendix B .pdf
ABS Footer Pads.pdf .pdf
Accessible Restrooms in Modular Offices 7-12-12 .pdf
Air Sealing and Duct Testing 12-10-12 .pdf
Appendix B & PE Seals 7-12-12 .pdf
Approval of Old Classroom Units 8-21-13 .pdf
Authorization to Setup Modular Homes 7-25-12 .pdf
Coastal High Hazard - Data Plate 4-20-12 .pdf
Compression Strips 4-20-12 .pdf
Concrete Curing 7-25-12 .pdf
Corrosion Resistance - Ch. 46 4-20-12 .pdf
Excessive Floor Deflection - Modular Homes 6-26-14 .pdf
Fasteners for Shingles in High Wind Zones .pdf
Filing Claims against Modular Surety Bonds 7-25-12 .pdf
Fire Rating of Classroom Corridors 7-25-12 .pdf
Floor Insulation Installation in NC Modular Units .pdf
Foam Plastic Adhesives 1-12-15 .pdf
House Bill 1006 (8-7-12) .pdf
How to Identify a Factory Built Home - All Types .pdf
Local Inspection of Modular Buildings 4-24-12 .pdf
Modular Buildings on Piling Foundations 10-22-12 .pdf
Modular Foundations 4-24-12 .pdf
Modular Homes with Steel Frames 8-10-12 .pdf
Modular Plan Approvals - Local Jurisdictions 4-24-12 .pdf
Modular Surety Bonds 7-25-12 .pdf
Modulars without Restrooms 7-12-12 .pdf
Moving or Relabeling Existing Modular Buildings 8-21-13 .pdf
NC General Contractor's License & Modular Surety Bonds 7-25-12 .pdf
NEC 210-52(E) .pdf
NEC 230-70(A) - Service Entrance Conductors .pdf
North Carolina Modular Bond Form .pdf
Note Regarding Piers for On-Frame Modulars .pdf
Pier & Curtain Wall - On Frame Modulars 4-26-12 .pdf
Repair of Damaged Modular Buildings .pdf
Return Air Plenums in Modular Homes .pdf
Revocation of One-Time Modular Certification .pdf
Rodentproofing in Modular Homes and Buildings 5-30-14 .pdf
Sprinkler Systems in Modular Construction .pdf
Surface Bonding Cement - Piers 8-15-12 .pdf
Temporary Health Care Structures in NC Memo 8-9-17 .pdf
Water Hammer Arrestors 5-3-12 .pdf