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Risk Management

Risk Management


The Risk Management Division seeks to minimize the adverse effects of property and casualty losses to the State and to the public through building code administration, facility inspections, risk management services, and a wide range of insurance coverages.


  • Administers the State Property Fire Insurance Fund, the self-insurance fund for state-owned property
  • Procures from private insurance companies various insurance policies needed by state agencies and universities
  • Inspects state-owned buildings for fire and life safety
  • Provides interpretations and responds to questions on the State Electrical Code and provides support , education, and training to local electrical inspection departments
  • Administers the State Fire Protection Grant Fund
  • Assists local governments with risk management assessments for optimizing their property and casualty insurance programs
  • Serves as staff to the Public Officers and Employees Liability Insurance Commission through which professional liability insurance is made available for law enforcement officers and public employees and officials.