Fire Marshal Goodwin with Children


I’m Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, and it is my privilege to serve as your State Fire Marshal.

Did you know that on average North Carolina has about 6,000 reported home fires every year? Many of these fires can be prevented, and the damage, injuries and deaths they cause can be minimized with fire prevention efforts.

And did you know that most fires start in the kitchen and are ignited by food? That is why this year, the theme of Fire Prevention Week 2013 focuses on safety in the kitchen.

This site is a tool to help you make your children, students and community safer. In it, you will find information about fires in North Carolina, ways you can prevent fires and safety tips for keeping you and your family safe. There are also materials and teaching tips you can adapt for your family. Feel free to download any of these resources and use them in your own kitchen, home, school or community.


State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin's Signature




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