Fire Prevention


I'm Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, and it is my privilege to serve as your State Fire Marshal.

Did you know that North Carolina had more than 9,000 reported home fires last year? And did you know that in many of those homes, there were no working smoke alarms?

That is why I need your help!

Many of those fires could have been prevented, and the damage, injuries and deaths they caused could have been minimized if working smoke alarms had been there to sound a warning. And that is why this year, the theme of Fire Prevention Week 2015 focuses on the importance of having working smoke alarms and testing them each month.

I hope you use this website to brush up on fire safety and prevention knowledge, as well as share the information so that we can prevent fires and save lives. Feel free to download any of these resources and use them in your own home, school or community.

Thank you for visiting this site and for helping keep your family, friends and neighbors safe!


State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin's Signature

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