Fire Prevention


Welcome Teachers!

Thank you for visiting the North Carolina Department of Insurance Fire Prevention website and for encouraging your students to protect their families from fire.

This year, our campaign is focusing on installing smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of your home including the basement. You'll find educational materials and tip sheets about what to do when you hear a smoke alarm, how to identify fire hazards and the importance of having a home escape plan.

Although this site was designed to be most appropriate for students in pre-Kindergarten through Grade 1, many of the activities can be adapted for older students as needed. Activity sheets and teaching tips can be downloaded below.

I hope these tools will help you teach life-saving lessons about fire prevention to North Carolina children during Fire Prevention Week and any time you have the opportunity. Please encourage members of your community to participate in the statewide fire drill with their families on Oct. 7.

Thank you for your service to North Carolina’s young people.

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Activities and Links

Certain materials reproduced from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week website, ©2014 NFPA.