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Professional Liability Data Report

Current Year Data Call

The Professional Liability Data Report is required under North Carolina General Statute §NCGS 58-2-170 (a) and (b), §NCGS 58-2-190, and 11 NCAC 16.0105. Every insurer, self-insurer, and risk retention group authorized to write "professional liability" insurance in North Carolina must complete a data call if $25,000 or more in "professional liability" premium was written in the calendar year. A Verification Form is only required if a Data Call is being submitted.

The Professional Liability Data Report is requested by the Actuarial Services Division each year following the Annual Statement report and is typically due mid-year.

"Professional liability" insurance is defined to only include medical malpractice. The term "professional liability" corresponds to North Carolina lines of authority 13b (Other Personal Injury Liability), or to Annual Statement line of business 11 (Medical Malpractice).

For more information on the Professional Liability Data Report, please send an email to or call (919) 807-6646.

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Verification Form - For the Verification Form below, please complete the Pre-Populating Version. The Pre-Populating Version allows you to enter your five digit NAIC Company Code. Then, the form will be pre-populated with information, which you can update as needed. You can then save an electronic copy for your records, and electronically submit to the NCDOI. If your company’s data does not pre-populate, or is incorrect, you can type in the correct information in the highlighted boxes. The signature page can either be scanned and electronically submitted to the NCDOI, which is strongly preferred, or can be mailed in or faxed into 919-807-6652.
  3. Data Call - For the Data Call, it is recommended that users right click on the Data Call, and Save to their computer, before opening the Data Call. Entering the NAIC five digit company code in cell C2 on the tab "Direct" should pre-populate the form.
  4. Supporting Documents