Actuarial Services

NC Credit Property Survey

To fulfill the requirements of several statutes, including NCGS 58-57-90(b), 58-57-100(b), 58-57-110(a), 58-57-115(j), and 58-2-190, the Division annually surveys insurers that write credit property insurance in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, credit property insurance is considered to include five primary areas: insurance on personal property, such as household goods; creditor placed insurance on homes and automobiles, to preserve the creditor’s interest in the property in case an underlying policy is not available; unemployment insurance, to make payments on a credit obligation in case of involuntary loss of employment; non-filing insurance, to cover payments on a loan in lieu of perfecting a lien; and family leave, to cover payments on a loan or credit card balance during a leave of absence from work for various family related events.

The aggregate data from the survey is public information and is made available to the insurers that contributed data.

If you have any question or concern about this requirement, please contact Arthur Schwartz,FCAS,, (919) 807-6646.