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Professional Liability Data Report

The Professional Liability Data Call is required under North Carolina General Statute §NCGS 58-2-170 (a) and (b), §NCGS 58-2-190, and 11 NCAC 16.0105. Every insurer, self-insurer, and risk retention group authorized to write "professional liability" insurance in North Carolina must complete a data call if $25,000 or more in "professional liability" premium was written in the calendar year.

"Professional liability" insurance is defined to only include medical malpractice. The term "professional liability" corresponds to North Carolina lines of authority 13b (Other Personal Injury Liability), or to Annual Statement line of business 11 (Medical Malpractice).

For more information on the Professional Liability Data Report, please send an email to or call (919) 807-6646.

  1. What's New
    1. What's New for the Professional Liability Data Call for Data from the 2013 Calendar Year
      1. Three forms are to be submitted, versus the two forms, as in previous years. One form, which can be signed and scanned, can be submitted in PDF format, will be an "Attestation" form; the second form will be current "Contact" information in the form of an Excel workbook; the third form will be the Data Call, also in the form of an Excel workbook.
      2. The forms should be submitted with names in the following format: 99999 2013NCAttestation; 99999 2013 NCContact; 99999 2013NCData; for the Attestation form, the Contact information form, and the Data Call, respectively. The 99999 should be replaced with your company's unique five digit NAIC Company code.
      3. The Data Call now includes an expense allocation worksheet.
      4. Before submitting the Data Call, please make three checks. First, please check that the sum of the data by healthcare provider in the Total column, matches the data from the Annual Statement. Second, please check that the Self-tests at the bottom all say OK. Third, please check that the data for Written and Earned exposures has been submitted.
    2. Attestation Form and Contact Form - For the Attestation Form below, please print, sign, scan, and email to the North Carolina DOI. For the Contact form, please fill in the current information and email to the NCDOI
  2. Data Call - For the Data Call, it is recommended that users right click on the Data Call, and Save to their computer, before opening the Data Call. Entering the NAIC five digit company code in cell C2 on the tab "Direct" should pre-populate the form.
  3. Supporting Documents

The data for all companies that contributed to the North Carolina Professional Liability Data Call can be found below.

There are two important points to note about this data:

  1. This data is calendar year data which is useful for determining profitability. Other types of data, which are not captured in this data call, include accident or report year data; these types of data would be more useful when calculating the need to increase or decrease premiums.
  2. This data only reflects licensed insurers and risk retention groups. Surplus lines insurers are not legally required to contribute data, although some of these surplus lines insurers have voluntarily contributed data. It’s important to note that in 2008, surplus lines insurers accounted for 28.4% of the market for medical malpractice in North Carolina.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at

Arthur J. Schwartz, Associate P&C Actuary