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April 22, 2009 Kristin Milam
Johanna Royo
Governor Declares April 26-May 3 Safe Kids Week in North Carolina
RALEIGH -- More than 6 million children were injured unintentionally in the United States in 2007. National Safe Kids Week marks the beginning of "trauma season." It's called that because serious injuries to children increase dramatically in summer months. In fact, nearly 12 children are injured every minute and most of those injuries are preventable.
"To celebrate Safe Kids Week, Safe Kids coalitions across North Carolina will be holding bicycle rodeos, helmet give-aways, a free swim, safety fairs and other events," said Insurance Commissioner and Safe Kids North Carolina Chair Wayne Goodwin. "The activities will be fun, but the message is serious-unintentional injury is the leading killer of children 14 and under." Each event is designed to educate kids, parents and caregivers about the best ways to keep kids safe. You'll find a list of local activities around the state by clicking on this link.
This year's Safe Kids Week theme is Raising Safe Kids: One Stage at a Time. A first-ever study by the same name will be released by Safe Kids USA Monday, April 27 and will then be posted on the North Carolina Safe Kids Web site under "quick links." This is the first study to link age-appropriate safety tips to research of children's cognitive, behavioral and physical development.
For example:
  • During the first stage of development (0-12 months), an infant's spine is not fully developed. That's why they must be in a rear-facing, semi-reclined car seat.
  • In the fourth stage of development (10-14 years), children lack the ability to recognize a specific object in a busy background. They need to be taught how and when to safely cross a busy intersection.
The study, Raising Safe Kids: One Stage at a Time, will equip caregivers with a blueprint of safety recommendations for children at each stage of their development.
Safe Kids NC reaches out to parents, caregivers and children in 58 counties served by 36 coalitions across the state. Through these coalitions and partnerships, more than six million people have access to Safe Kids NC programming.
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