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February 1, 2010 Kristin Milam
Johanna Royo
New Pyrotechnic Permitting Law Takes Effect Feb. 1
RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin announces that starting today all pyrotechnic operators in North Carolina must obtain a permit before setting off indoor or outdoor fireworks. The N.C. General Assembly passed Senate Bill 563(N.C.G.S. 58-82A-1) after a Fourth of July pyrotechnic explosion on Okracoke Island that killed four operators and injured another.
The new law requires anyone who uses pyrotechnic (outdoor) or audience proximate (indoor) fireworks to submit an application to the Department's Office of State Fire Marshal, attend a safety class and score a passing grade of 80 percent on the permit exam. Any event on or after Feb. 1, 2010 in North Carolina that involves pyrotechnics should be conducted by a properly trained operator with a North Carolina permit.
"After the accident on Ocracoke Island I was shocked to learn that North Carolina had no permitting process for pyrotechnic operators. I know this was upsetting to the public as well. My staff and I immediately began working with members of the General Assembly to craft legislation to resolve this," said Commissioner Goodwin. "We believe with this new permit, the public and fireworks professionals will be safer in North Carolina."
Operators with questions about the permitting process or to view class schedules should visit the Office of State Marshal Web site and click on the Pyrotechnic Operator Certification Information banner.
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