For Immediate Release: August 26, 2011

What do I do after the storm?

The Department of Insurance answers questions frequently asked after a storm or hurricane

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin reminds North Carolinians that the Department of Insurance is here to assist people as they deal with insurance-related concerns after Hurricane Irene.

"We know that the effects of a hurricane can be felt all across our state," Goodwin said. "One of our top priorities at the Department of Insurance is to help people navigate the insurance claims process in the aftermath of any severe weather."

People with insurance-related questions or complaints can call NCDOI's Consumer Services hotline at 800-546-5664 (toll free in N.C.) or 919-807-6750 during standard business hours. Visit us online at the NCDOI's Web site.

The following are some FAQs related to storm or hurricane damage:

If I have storm damage, what should I do?

What should I do if my home is uninhabitable?

Will my insurance pay for damage caused by flooding?

During a power outage, food in my freezer and refrigerator spoiled. Will my insurance cover the loss?

If my neighbor's tree falls and damages my house, whose insurance should cover the damage?

If my vehicle is damaged by falling trees or debris, will my insurance cover it?

Will my insurance pay for tree removal?

How can I avoid being a victim of a scam?

Find more disaster and recovery information at this NCDOI Consumer Web site.