For Immediate Release: September 1, 2011

Some Insurance Procedures Modified by State of Disaster

RALEIGH -- Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 58-2-46, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has issued Bulletin 11-B-09 to advise insurance companies and other entities licensed under the insurance law of North Carolina that, during a declared disaster in the state, certain procedures and timelines for certain actions for both the consumer and the insurance companies and other entities subject to the law are modified.

These modifications can affect the time for submission of claims, the payment of premium and the payment on certain other types of debts to premium finance companies and collection agencies.

Consumers are encouraged to contact their insurance company or other entities from which they require service or to which they owe a payment, as the timeline for delivery may be modified.

Any consumer who has a problem with his or her insurance carrier may contact the Department of Insurance Consumer Services Division at 800-546-5664 or 919-807-6750 for assistance.