For Immediate Release: July 6, 2012

Safe Kids NC Reminds Parents That Gas and Fire Don't Mix

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin offers gasoline safety tips for a safe summer

RALEIGH -- Whether grilling outdoors or gathering around the campfire, Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin, and Safe Kids North Carolina, are reminding families this summer to reduce burn injuries and spread the message that gasoline and fire never mix.

"Fun summer rituals can quickly turn tragic when parents don't follow safe gasoline handling practices," said Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, state chair of Safe Kids North Carolina. "Helping us spread the word that gas and fire never mix, we can help ensure a safe summer."

The vast majority of parents today do not use gasoline to start fires, according to a national survey funded by the National Gasoline Safety Project. But the study found that parents who do use gas to start fires mistakenly think it's something "everybody" does. These parents are also twice as likely as other parents to think it's hard to start a fire without gas.

Though gasoline burn data is not directly tracked, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimates 1,500 children a year are injured or killed in gasoline fires, according to monitored hospital admissions. Overall, 14,500 Americans die each year from burn injuries and burn-related infections.

Insurance Commissioner Goodwin reminds parents about the following gasoline safety tips:

Safe Kids North Carolina reaches out to parents, caregivers and children to prevent childhood injuries through 38 Safe Kids Coalitions working in 66 counties. For more information, visit