For Immediate Release: September 18, 2012

Goodwin Announces First Meeting of Task Force on Employee Misclassification

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is pleased to announce that the first meeting of the Governor’s Task Force on Employee Misclassification will be held on Sept. 20, 2012, at 11 South Boylan Ave., Raleigh, at 10 a.m.

The task force is to study and address issues surrounding businesses illegally classifying employees as independent contractors to avoid complying with workers compensation laws. The task force shall strive to (a) protect the health, safety and benefits of workers; (b) eliminate any competitive advantage currently enjoyed by businesses who violate the law; and (c) educate employers and employees regarding applicable legal requirements relevant to the practice of employee misclassification.

"Not only does employee misclassification leave employees who were injured or killed on the job without coverage, it results in the underpayment of taxes and gives business that cheat an unfair advantage,” said Goodwin, chair of the task force. “This task force will work to promote the sharing of information between state agencies and to identify ways to reduce the number of businesses that violate the law."

Read the Executive Order establishing the Task Force on Employee Misclassification here: