For Immediate Release: February 21, 2013

Health Insurance Smart NC Awarded for Helping People Find Coverage

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin is pleased to announce that Health Insurance Smart NC is the winner of Inclusive Health's 2012 John Friesen Award for a consumer advocacy organization.

Smart NC, a consumer assistance program of the Department of Insurance, was recognized for its outstanding work in helping North Carolinians find affordable health insurance through Inclusive Health, the health insurance risk pool in North Carolina. Since Smart NC launched in April 2011, the program has referred more than 680 people seeking health insurance to Inclusive Health.

"Smart NC’s top priority is to help people understand their health insurance options," said Goodwin. "When you turn to Smart NC, you can trust you will receive accurate and unbiased information about health insurance. I am very proud of Smart NC for providing such an invaluable service to consumers in North Carolina."

Smart NC helps North Carolinians:

Smart NC's services are offered at no cost to the consumer, and the program can assist those covered by private health insurance, group health plans, state and federal high risk pools, or any other kind of public health coverage.

For more information, contact Health Insurance Smart NC toll-free at 1-877-885-0231or visit