For Immediate Release: February 12, 2014

Some Prescription Procedures Modified by State of Emergency or Disaster

RALEIGH -- Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 58-3-228, Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has advised insurance companies and other entities licensed under North Carolina insurance law that, during a declared state of emergency or disaster, they must have a procedure in place to waive time restrictions on filling or refilling prescriptions for medication if requested by the covered person or subscriber. A State of Emergency was proclaimed for the entire state of North Carolina on Feb. 11, 2014, in preparation for the arrival of a winter storm.

NCGS 58-3-228 allows covered people or subscribers to:

  1. Obtain one refill on a prescription if there are authorized refills remaining, or
  2. Fill one replacement prescription for one that was recently filled, as prescribed or approved by the prescriber of the prescription that is being replaced and not contrary to the dispensing authority of the dispensing pharmacy.

The prescription medication must be requested within 29 days of the bulletin to insurers that was issued on Feb. 11, unless the time period is extended by the Insurance Commissioner.

Any consumer who has a problem with his or her health insurance carrier should contact NCDOI's Health Insurance Smart NC program toll free at 877-885-0231.

Read NCGS 58-3-228:

Read the bulletin to insurers: