For Immediate Release: July 31, 2015

Goodwin Speaks Out Against North Carolina Fireworks Bill

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin urges state legislators and the public to oppose House Bill 367, which would legalize the use and sale of airborne consumer fireworks in North Carolina.

"Legalizing consumer fireworks would be a step backwards for North Carolina when it comes to the safety of our citizens," said Goodwin. "The risk of injuries and deaths far outweighs any potential financial benefit from fireworks sales."

"Fireworks are a type of explosives and are best left to the professionals. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks display operated by a trained and permitted pyrotechnic operator."

The proposed legislation is similar to South Carolina's fireworks laws, which allow for the sale and use of airborne consumer fireworks. According to research performed by the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal, South Carolina experiences approximately 146 percent more emergency department admissions due to fireworks incidents than North Carolina under the current laws, despite having a significantly smaller population.

The North Carolina State Firemen's Association, North Carolina Association of Fire Chiefs, National Fire Protection Association, American Burn Association, North Carolina Emergency Nurses Association, North Carolina Fire and Life Safety Educators, North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center and Safe Kids North Carolina join Goodwin in opposing House Bill 367.