For Immediate Release: February 2, 2016

Insurance Commissioners Make Friendly Wager for Super Bowl 50

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioners Wayne Goodwin of North Carolina and Marguerite Salazar of Colorado have placed a friendly wager as their teams, the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, head into Super Bowl 50.

At stake? If the Panthers win this Sunday, Salazar will owe Goodwin Colorado elk tenderloin, whiskey and toffee. Goodwin is putting North Carolina barbecue, craft beer and Cheerwine soda on the line.

"When Commissioner Goodwin called me about a Super Bowl wager, my first thought was, 'When did North Carolina get an NFL team?'" said Salazar. "I know they have great college basketball, but football? Still, I agreed to the wager. And while we really want the North Carolina DOI to try some great Colorado whiskey, elk and candy, they won't get that chance, as our Broncos will win."

"With all due respect, the thin mountain air must be getting to Commissioner Salazar's head," said Goodwin. "North Carolina has the best football team in the country—I'm just sorry the Colorado Division of Insurance won't get to taste the best barbecue in the country! The Panthers are going to keep pounding their way to the championship."