For Immediate Release: September 15, 2016

Commissioner Goodwin Announces $3.6 Million BCBSNC Fine

Largest North Carolina Department of Insurance fine ever.

BCBSNC Settlement Agreement Signing - Commissioner Goodwin

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin today fined Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina $3.6 million as part of a Voluntary Settlement Agreement. The agreement was signed by Commissioner Goodwin this afternoon.

Since January, NCDOI has received numerous complaints from BCBSNC customers which included allegations that BCBSNC customer service department was not readily available by telephone or through their website; that consumers did not receive valid identification cards or proof of coverage; that consumers experienced problems in billings and crediting of premium payments; that consumers experienced incorrect policy cancellation notices and difficulty obtaining premium refunds due; and that consumers did not receive timely notices of renewal of their policies with explanations of coverage changes. The Department will continue to assist consumers as needed.

"As your Insurance Commissioner, and an advocate for consumers across North Carolina, Blue Cross Blue Shield had to be held accountable," said Commissioner Goodwin. "A record fine has been paid."

The $3.6 million will come from BCBSNC surplus and will not affect any customer premiums which is clearly laid out in the Voluntary Settlement Agreement.

This is the largest fine the North Carolina Department of Insurance has ever leveed and almost double the previous largest amount against a single company.

Consumers in need of assistance from the N.C. Department of Insurance should call 855-408-1212 or visit