For Immediate Release: May 4, 2017

Causey Announces First 100 Days A Success

RALEIGH -- Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey today announced that the North Carolina Department of Insurance is off to a tremendous start after his first 100 days in office.

"My first 100 days in office at the Department of Insurance has been a tremendous experience," said Causey. "I am very pleased with our transition from the past administration and look forward to accomplishing much more for the people of North Carolina in the coming years."

Commissioner Causey's top three goals coming in to his leadership role were focused on protecting the consumer by keeping insurance premiums low, increasing access to consumer assistance on insurance matters and beginning reform measures to modernize North Carolina's insurance system.

"I am committed to getting our "Help" number to the public – 855-408-1212 – so consumers can get help on any question they may have about insurance, said Causey. "In fact, just in the last month, our Consumer Assistance department reports that we have saved NC consumers over $1.5 million through reinstated policies, paid claims, and insurance settlements."

Commissioner Causey has also been emphasizing his role as State Fire Marshal, and how that position ties together with insurance regulation. "When you think of all the roles we have that keep families safe through our Safe Kids NC and Injury Prevention initiatives, and protecting their property through our insurance regulation," said the Commissioner, "it's a very rewarding job."

Commissioner Causey listed several other areas where NC Department of Insurance was making progress.