For Immediate Release: August 21, 2019

Contact: Ben Powell at 919-807-6008

Back to School Safety: Know the rules of the road

RALEIGH -- August is Back to School Safety Month, and North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, who also serves as Chair of Safe Kids N.C., reminds students, parents, and motorists to use extra caution as students walk, drive, or ride the bus to school.

"With children going back to school, our roads and crosswalks will be much more crowded so it's important that everyone compensates by using more caution." Commissioner Causey noted. "It only takes one unsafe move to cause a tragic injury or death to one of our precious children."

While students on traditional calendars will go back to school on Aug. 26, students at year-round schools have already started boarding buses and have headed back to class.

On a typical day, more than 14,000 school buses carrying nearly 800,000 students operate on North Carolina roads.

Passing a stopped school bus can result in the motorist adding four insurance points and seeing an 80% increase in auto insurance premiums.

Commissioner Causey encouraged all motorists to watch for children walking to school or waiting by the roadside for a school bus. And he advised motorists to understand the rules of the road when a school bus is stopped picking up passengers.

Commissioner Causey also offered National Safety Council tips as students and teachers head back to school.

For pedestrians:

For bike riders:

For bus riders:

For motorist, in addition to obeying the stopped school bus law:

For more information on how to keep children safe during Back to School Safety Month or throughout the year, visit the website