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Mark Bailey
Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 226
Private Plan Review, Code Consultant
Melanie Butler, PE
Chief Existing Buildings Code Consultant and Chief Rehabilitation Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 502
Code Consultant, Existing Building Code
Ron Chilton
Chief Electrical Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 235
Electrical Code Consultant
Rodney Daughtry
Customer Service Representative
919-661-5880 Ext: 210
Customer Service Representative
Dan Dittman, PE
Chief Mechanical Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 237
Mechanical Code Consultant and Interpretations
Barry Gupton, PE
Supervisor Building Code Council; Code Interpretations, Private Plan Review
919-661-5880 Ext: 232
Manages Code Interpretation and Private Plan Review Sections, serves as staff to the North Carolina Building Code Council, and is responsible for production and distribution of the North Carolina State Building Codes.
Mike Hejduk, PE
Supervisor, Quality Assurance
919-662-4480 Ext: 272
Supervisor Home Inspectors Licensure Board, Code Officials Qualification Board, Pyro/Fire Safe Cigarettes
Billy Hinton, Jr., PE
Chief Energy Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 239
Responsible for interpretations relative to the NC Energy Conservation Code and the consistent enforcement within the state.
Jennifer Hollyfield
Education Coordinator
919-662-4480 Ext: 273
Education Coordinator for Home Inspectors Licensure Board
Cliff Isaac, PE
Chief Residential Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 229
Responsible for interpretations relative to the NC Residential Code and the consistent enforcement within the state.
Phil Joyner
Home Inspection Investigator
919-662-4480 Ext: 285
Home Inspection Investigator
Jeff Kanner, RA
Plan Reviewer
919-661-5880 Ext: 243
Plan Reviewer
ReBecca W. Latham
Administrative Assistant - Building Code Council
919-661-5880 Ext: 254
Assistant Building Code Council
Beverly Lott
Administrative Assistant
919-661-5880 Ext: 230
Administrative Assistant
Carl Martin
Chief Building Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 225
Chief Building Code Consultant
Brandi Maynard
919-661-5880 Ext: 263
Pyrotechnics, Fire Safe Cigarettes
Bill Moeller, PE
Chief Plumbing Code Consultant and Chief Fuel Gas Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 238
Responsible for interpretations relative to the NC Plumbing Code and the consistent enforcement within the state.
Tim Morrison, PE
Supervisor, Private Plan Review
919-661-5880 Ext: 228
Supervisor, Private Plan Review
Chris Noles, PE
Deputy Director
919-661-5880 Ext: 223
Deputy Director
Mike Page.Jr., PB
Supervisor, Code Inspections Section
919-661-5880 Ext: 246
Supervisor, Code Interpretations
Natalie Pollard
Extension Educator and Training Specialist
919-661-5880 Ext: 259
Program development of code courses.
Richard Strickland
Chief Fire Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 255
Chief Fire Code Consultant
Terri Tart
Administrative Assistant
919-662-4480 Ext: 274
Administrative Assistant
Suzanne Taylor
Certification Engineer and Investigator
919-661-5880 Ext: 504
Certification Engineer and Investigator
Jean Williams
Supervisor, Assistant to Deputy Commissioner
919-661-5880 Ext: 260
Assistant Deputy Commissioner Noles, Supervisor
Kathy Williams
Examination Development and Evaluation
919-661-5880 Ext: 245
Supervisor, Code Official Applications and Examinations
Laurel Wright
Chief Accessibility Code Consultant
919-661-5880 Ext: 247
Chief Accessibility Code Consultant