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Code Education Resources

Code Education - Online Code Enforcement Continuing Education

NOTE: Upon completion you will be asked to complete a course evaluation and enter your Code Enforcement Official information. Once you have entered this information we will have your attendance in our system. We will upload the course rosters every two weeks on either Monday or Tuesday. If you have any questions or comments about these online courses please contact Dan Austin at or call at (919)-661-5880 ext. 271 or Rob Roegner at or 919-661-5880 ext. 249.

Per the North Carolina Code Officials Qualifications Board Rules you shall only receive credit for each of the courses once in a three year period, 11 NCAC 08 .0720 (d) A CEO shall only receive credit for the same course once within any three-year period.

Available Courses

.html Application of the Fire Code to Existing Buildings CS2596 - Two(2) Credit Hours Fire
.html Lockdown Plans CS2808 - One(1) Credit Hour Fire or Building
.html Mixed-Use Occupancies CS2754 - Two(2) Credit Hours Fire or Building
.html New Fire Alarm Technologies CS2598 - One(1) Credit Hour Fire or Building
.html Photovoltaic Systems and the Fire Code CS2597 - One(1) Credit Hour Fire or Electrical
.html Types of Sprinkler Systems CS2985 - One(1) Credit Hour Fire or Building