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Fire-Rescue Grants and Relief Funds

Effective April 17, 2018, invoice(s) and proof of payment must be uploaded via the internal application for review in lieu of mailing them to the Mail Service Center.
Please direct all emails for the grants department to:

Volunteer Fire Department Fund - FAQs

Q. If my fire department has a satellite station, can we still apply?

A. Yes. However, you must provide full fire department information for both stations, i.e., total personnel, total budget, vehicles, etc.

Q. Can the grant support equipment purchased through the FFP/FEEP programs?

A. Yes. You can use grant funds to place equipment received through these programs into service, i.e., install a generator, paint a vehicle, etc.

Q. My department has both Fire and Rescue (or Fire/EMS) squads, can we apply?

A. Yes. You must list total personnel for your department as well as your total budget. You cannot designate members as only Fire or only Rescue or EMS.

Q. My fire department is owned by a municipality, can we still apply?

A. Yes, if the fire department meets the eligibility criteria for the specific grant.

Q. What type of equipment is typically not considered for matching funds?

A. All equipment must be new, nothing refurbished and no upgrades to existing equipment. The only exceptions would be for a vehicle. Vehicles must be no older than ten years old, and have one year of service records. You may also purchase a new chassis for existing equipment.

Q. Are application extensions given?

A. No.

Q. Are invoice extensions given?

A. Yes, but only for protective clothing, approved vehicles and capital building projects.

A Thirty (30) day extension, until October 30th, can be authorized for protective clothing.  A letter requesting the extension must be received by September 30th.

Approved vehicles and capital building projects may be extended until February 15th of the following year.  The manufacturer or contractor must send this office a notarized letter providing the order date, start date for the build and projected delivery/completion date.  It must be received within 45 working days of grant notification (July 1st).

Q. If my fire department receives their approved equipment before the September 30 deadline, can I receive the matching funds earlier?

A. Yes, the sooner we receive all your paperwork, the sooner you will receive a check.  Check requests are given to the Controller's Office weekly.

Q. My fire department was approved for matching funds. What forms are required and when are they due?

A. Prior to receiving your matching funds check, the following forms are required to be submitted to OSFM and your check will not be released without them:

  • Agreement of Payment Form
  • Conflict of Interest Statement
  • State Grant Certification – No Overdue Tax Debts Form

Q. We were able to get better prices than anticipated and will have money left from the grant. Can we purchase additional items?

A. Any deviation from the Approved Equipment List must be approved in writing by the Grants Department prior to the grant deadline.

Q. The invoice deadline is approaching, most of the approved equipment has been delivered, but some equipment will not be delivered by September 30, will my fire department lose all of the approved matching funds?

A. No. The equipment that has not been received will be excluded from the approved matching funds.

Q. What type of equipment is typically not considered for matching funds?

A. Furniture, copiers, fax machines, disposables, manuals, refurbish or upgrades to SCBA's, refurbish vehicles (except new chassis), refurbish communications equipment. Call our office if in doubt.

The Volunteer Fire Department Fund (Fire Grant) is administered through the Office of State Fire Marshal Grants of the Department of Insurance, 1202 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1202, 919-647-0000.