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We are in the process of moving and changing our phone system. Please reach us at 919-647-0000

Fire Safety Programs


Recertification information will be available after November 1, 2012. Please check our website after this date for important updates regarding the upcoming recertification process.

Fire Safety Programs » Novelty Lighters

Novelty Lighters


800-634-7854 (toll free)

Physical Address:
116 West Jones Street
Raleigh NC 27603

Mailing Address:
Office of State Fire Marshal
Fire Safe Cigarettes and Novelty Lighters
1201 Mail Service Center
Raleigh NC 27699-1201

Emily Narron
Office Assistant
800-634-7854 (toll free)
Test Bank Management, Fire Safe Cigarettes, Incident Reporting, Fire Bridge software, NFA classes