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Crowd Manager Training

The 2018 North Carolina State Fire Prevention Code requires trained crowd managers at any event where more than 1,000 people are in attendance. The North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal in conjunction with several local fire marshals has created this training to provide a self-paced learning program to those individuals who are employed at a business or venue that meet the new threshold requiring crowd managers.

This program provides the user with a historical background of why the Crowd Manager requirements are included in the code. The program also outlines the basic requirements of the fire code and the duties of the crowd manager. At the conclusion of the program there is a short quiz to test the newly trained crowd manager’s knowledge of their responsibilities. Upon successful completion of the quiz the Crowd Manager will be able to print a certificate showing that they have completed the course.

*New - These certificates are valid for three years from the completion of this training.

For questions or comments please contact Charlie Johnson at or call at 919-647-0094.