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Bryan K. Heckle

Richard Bolyard
Loss Control and Claims Specialist


State Property Fire Insurance Fund - Claims

State Property Fire Insurance Fund General Claims Reporting Procedures

  1. Notify the police if a law may have been broken.
  2. Give the State Property Fire Insurance Fund prompt notice of the loss or damage. Include a description of the property involved. This notice should ordinarily be given by telephone. Failure to notify the Fund promptly may void the coverage if the ability of the Fund or its reinsurers to adjust the claim is materially affected. However, in no event will a claim be paid unless the Fund is notified within 30 days of the loss occurrence. Special or unusual circumstances that prohibit prompt notification may be taken into consideration.
  3. As soon as possible, give the Fund a description of how, when and where the loss or damage occurred. (Use the Loss Reporting Form)
  4. Take all reasonable steps to protect the covered property from further damage, and keep a record of your expenses necessary to protect the covered property, for consideration in settlement of the claim. If feasible, set the damaged property aside and in the best possible order for examination.
  5. Permit the Fund to inspect the property and records proving the loss or damage.
  6. At the request of the Fund, give us complete inventories of the damaged and undamaged property. Include quantities, costs, values and amount of loss claimed.
  7. Send the Fund a signed Proof of Loss form with your request for payment. The Fund will supply these forms upon request.
  8. Cooperate with the Fund in the investigation and settlement of the claim and keep the Fund apprised of the status of the claim.
  9. Resume your operations as quickly as possible.
  10. Final request for claim payment must be submitted within 90 days of completion of repair or replacement.
  11. The Fund will not honor claims that are submitted for payment more than three years from the date of the loss, unless the Fund agrees to an extension in writing. (This requires that notification; repair, reconstruction or replacement; and final request for claim payment be completed within three years).