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Monthly Columns

October 2014 - Medicare Annual Election Period .pdf
September 2014 - Extra Help for Medicare .pdf
August 2014 - Immunizations for Medicare Beneficiaries .pdf
July 2014 - SHIIP Award Winners .pdf
June 2014 I'm Almost 65 - How Should I Prepare for Medicare .pdf
May 2014 Accountable Care Organizations and Medicare .pdf
April 2014 Volunteers are Essential for SHIIPs Operation .pdf
March 2014 - Understanding Medicare Enrollment Periods .pdf
February 2014 - Medicare Beneficiaries and Scams .pdf
January 2014 - Medicare Advantage Periods .pdf
December 2013 - Changes in 2014 .pdf
November 2013 - There's Still Time to Select a Drug Plan .pdf
October 2013 - Annual Election Period .pdf
September 2013 - Extra Help for Medicare .pdf
July 2013 - Medicare Summary Notices .pdf
June 2013 I'm Almost 65 - How Should I Prepare for Medicare (2) .pdf
April 2013 - SHIIP Volunteers are Essential .pdf
January 2013 - Some Beneficiaries May Still Change Drug Coverage .pdf
November 2012 - Time is Running Out .pdf
October 2012 Extra Help for Medicare .pdf
September 2012 Medicare Annual Election Period .pdf
July 2012 Medicare Savings Programs and Extra Help for Medicare Part D .pdf
June 2012 I'm Almost 65 - How Should I Prepare for Medicare .pdf
May 2012 SHIIP Award Winners Press Release .pdf
April 2012 SHIIP Volunteers are Essential .pdf
March 2012 Medicare Savings Programs .pdf
January 2012 Med Beneficiaries May Change Rx Drug Cvg .pdf