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Before The Storm - Home Inventory

Find out what you can do to prepare.

Create a Home Inventory

  • The purpose of a home inventory is to document what you own to help the insurance company evaluate your loss.
  • Go room to room in your home, and write down the brand name/description, estimated value and date of purchase of items in your home. It is also helpful to compile receipts, appraisal documents and serial numbers.
  • Videotape or photograph your belongings. Remember to show the insides of closets, your garage and any storage spaces.
  • Store your home inventory and related documents in a safe, easily accessible place online, on your computer or in a fire-proof box or safe deposit box. Consider sharing a copy with friends or relatives.
    • iPhone® users — myHOME lets you quickly photograph and capture descriptions of your possessions room by room, then store electronically for safekeeping.
    • Android® users — myHOME lets you quickly capture images, descriptions, and serial numbers of your possessions, then organize the information by room or by category. The app even creates a back-up file for email sharing.