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Types Of Coverage - Flood

Find out what kind of insurance you may need to protect your home.

Homeowners insurance policies do NOT cover flood damage. If you live in a flood plain, near a river or near the coast, you should consider purchasing flood insurance for your home. Your lender may require flood insurance if your home is located in a flood plain. Just because your home is not in a designated flood plain, do not assume you will never incur flood damage.

The federal government offers insurance for direct flood and flood-related damage, including mudslide and erosion, under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Please note that regulatory authority over NFIP flood insurance policies rests with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, not with the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

The NFIP offers flood insurance to homeowners, renters and business owners if their community participates in the NFIP. Participating communities agree to adopt and enforce ordinances that meet or exceed FEMA requirements to reduce the risk of flooding.

The coverage involves a 30-day waiting period before the policy becomes effective; however, there are exceptions. Your agent or insurance company can assist you with application forms for flood coverage. For more information about federal flood insurance, contact the National Flood Insurance Program at 888-379-9531 or visit