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Pyrotechnic License Information

Operators and Assistants

Session Law 2009-507, Senate Bill 563, created N.C. General Statute 58-82A-1 to promote the safe handling, use and exhibition of pyrotechnics and to prevent disasters and/or tragedies from occurring in North Carolina. This law requires anyone discharging/operating pyrotechnics or proximate explosives to attend a training course and earn a pyrotechnics operator license before conducting a pyrotechnics display in North Carolina, effective February 1, 2010.

Licensing is administered by the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal. For more information please contact our Occupational Licensing Agency Customer Service Representative, Rodney Daughtry, at 919-647-0027.

ATTENTION: 2017 LICENSE RENEWALS - NCID account setup and online records

Licensees may now renew and pay online after creating an NCID User ID and password. A valid email address is required. Please view the short instructional video below to see a demonstration of how to register for an NCID account and what to expect when accessing the online Pyrotechnic system.